MyTech Solutions is a small yet thorough web hosting, web development and general web troubleshooting company that focuses on empowering web designers and web marketers. We go the extra steps to make sure our members are able to do whatever they need with their projects.

We are a small crew with excellent skills, the main work is all done by me "Jopa" with the help of Lisa Micklin, with the occasional help of other skilled professionals.

Jopa is a programmer/network administrator specializing in automated web-based applications, and a drummer and percussionist. Durring the winter months he can be found in front of his computer coding. During the summer months he can be found, djimbe in hand at many drum circles, tribal gatherings and music festivals.

Lisa is a consultant, a wild-woman, a consciousness lover and explorer, a consummate networker, a digital designer, a dancer, an event producer and an inexhaustible idea factory.